Dream Factory needed a website that effectively conveyed the swagger of its brand identity, but its existing website didn’t measure up. Add to that a series of complicated user journeys and confused messaging that made it difficult to establish the brand’s services, and Dream Factory’s existing site was actually harming its chances for online conversions. Enter Nocode Labs.
We replatformed the website to Webflow, unlocking all the benefits of a market-ready website in a matter of weeks, not months. Utilising Webflow’s user-friendly CMS and flexible third-party integrations, we paired a reconstructed site layout and navigation with a simplified message to ensure a clearer, more cohesive user journey.

Awarded the freedom granted by Webflow’s custom design control, we replaced the static, outdated design with a fun and interactive multimedia site that promotes engagement and better encompasses what Dream Factory is all about.

The result? Harnessing the power of Webflow and our in-house no-code, design and development expertise, we created a modern and dynamic site that champions Dream
Factory’s distinctive brand identity and guides visitors through an optimised journey and towards conversion. All this on a platform that’s easy to manage, scale and evolve - just take a look for yourself.
Design and Build
Content analysis
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Homepage (Desktop)
How it works (Desktop)
Homepage (Mobile)
Memberships landing page (Desktop)
Book a tour (Desktop)
Contact page (Desktop)

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